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My favorite thing is light.  I examine and appreciate its quality everywhere I am.  Walks, that I do frequently, afford me the most stunning examples of light to see and experience.  I live in California and know that my world-view and my vision is quite informed by being here.  I grew up in Southern California, which I still love but became an ardent Northern Californian when I came here to attend UC Berkeley.  I was born in Toronto, Canada and somehow, the family road trip at age 2 to a new life in America gave me a lifelong love of cars, big, open, empty spaces, adventures of the mind and a powerful intellectual curiosity.  Key to my way of thinking is that I love what is new and value what came before it.

I have worked for myself for over 30 years, which qualifies me as a true survivor!  Through technological and aesthetic changes, this business of ours has really kept me on my toes, allowing for a very stimulating career that has fostered my keen interest in people and many forms of evolving media.  It’s allowed me to be a connector, a collaborator, a touchstone, a knight, a questioner, a free thinker, an executive producer and a friend, all rolled in to one for both the great talents I represent and the clients I develop a true admiration for.

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