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Ricardo Rivera, Founder and Creative Director of KLIP COLLECTIVE, was VJ Kaboom over 20 years ago, who came up with a life changing inspiration at the end of one late night gig.  That was, to map projected film content on to his kitchen cabinets, a rudimentary but exciting start to what has become an exatraordinary career of amazing feats of magic and wonder.  This pioneering action led to Ricardo earning multiple patents in the United States for his technological breakthroughs in the medium. 

Ricardo is both a Sundance StoryLab Fellow and Creative Capital award recipient.  And he has now expanded the studio’s artistic capabilities to include the addition of light-activated materials and illusionary forms to further delight audiences in these new explorations in perspective and perception.

Based in Philly, Ric and the stellar Klip team have turned historic gardens, buildings, both exterior and interior, cars, art and even people in to their canvas.  An artist at his core, Ricardo loves to amplify the work of musicians and to bring the most innovative ideas to fruition for clients.  As a live action director, who most often creatively directs the content he and his team later map to project, he is well versed in creating an experience for the viewer that leaves them breathless.
experimental & artful

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